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December 2018 Updates:
Waterproof servos now available - click HERE
Coleman 5HP 4 Stroke fitment available soon

***** NEW! - iTroll Video Library *****

Download HUNT Mode tutorial. Pages 4 & 5 also describe how HUNT Mode works!

The Ultimate Throttle Controller for Gas Powered Kicker Motors!
iTroll's innovative features, weatherproofing and reliability make it
THE choice of the best tournament fishermen and guides in the world.

If you want to catch MORE fish, iTroll is your only choice.
No other throttle controller does more!

iTroll is the most advanced product on the market. It took over two years to design and features the most advanced hardware AND software engineering ever put in a throttle controller. Since it's introduction in 2013, iTroll has become the choice of those who are serious about fishing.

Along with being the most advanced throttle controller, iTroll is also the MOST RELIABLE! How can this be? iTroll was desgined by a fisherman who owns a company that made electronics for vehicles. He is also a fanatic about quality and it shows up in every iTroll built.

Ask the most successful tournament anglers and guides what product they use and the answer will most likely be "iTroll".

iTroll on Next Bite TV!
Fast Forward to 17 Minutes, 20 Seconds
Note: iTroll shown in video equipped with optional custom mount

iTroll on Lund Ultimate Fishing Experience!
Fast Forward to 9 Minutes, 30 Seconds
Note: iTroll shown in video equipped with optional custom mount

World Walleye Champion (2016 MWC) Fishes with iTroll!

This is what Randy Gaines, tournament winning Walleye angler and National Professional Anglers Association Member, thinks of his iTroll in an email sent to Innova:

"Hi Joel,
Just wanted to drop you a quick note about my first trip out using the Itroll, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! It's everything it was advertised to be. I absolutely love the "HUNT" mode!!! Attached is photo of the first walleye of the day using the "HUNT" feature 13.9 lbs. we had trolled about two hrs with limited success and I decided to play with the trial "HUNT" feature. WOW what a difference it made. Once we got dialed in, lets just say we never was able to get all the rods out at the same time:):):) I largely contribute the days success to the Itroll!!

Randy Gaines
NPAA# 598

PS. I think that the "Hunt" feature was even more "show cased" because of the mostly flat water that day."

Randy also decribed the day's events on a forum post on Walleye Central and ALSO caught three more fish that day with HUNT mode that were better than 10 pounds each!

Note: Randy is both a former TrollMaster* and ControllKing** owner. He has ZERO financial interest in iTroll - He is a paying customer who was kind enough to let us share his opinion of the product.

* TrollMaster is a product of MarineTech Products
** ControllKing is a product of Magma Manufacturing

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The World's Best Lighting Connectors!

At Innova, we allow you to CUSTOM BUILD the exact connector you need by allowing you to specify the gauge and length of wires on your connectors.

Additionally, we can solder the wire / terminal junction after crimping for ULTIMATE RELIABILTY.
(Soldering is an extra charge service).

• We use only USA MADE WIRE:
   Others often cut corners with poor quality IMPORT wire! Import wire is often "under gauge"
   (thinner than industry standards) and has inferior quality copper.

• Crimps performed by AMERICAN workers on POWER machinery.
• EVERY crimp is inspected for integrity.

• Don't gamble with your safety! Insist on INNOVA quality!

General inquiries: sales@headlightplugs.com

iTroll inquiries: iTroll4Fishing@iTroll.us

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