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iTrolliTroll, the most innovative throttle controller to be unleashed on unsuspecting fish! With features beyond compare, it makes other products look like devices from the "Stone Age". When introduced (2013), it quickly took the angling world by storm with it's unrivaled innovation, performance, reliability, and safety features.

iTroll has become THE choice of the most demanding users on the planet (Top Guides and Professional Tournament Anglers) because it provides boat control and fish catching features that make ANY angler better.

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Tiara Yacht

iTroll in a 36 foot Tiara Yacht

Only iTroll can run this boat. More

Kokanee Salmon

Kokanee Salmon - 2 ounces shy of Idaho state record

6.46 lbs - HUNT Mode strikes again!

iTroll Cisco plate

New product: Cisco Plate

Mount a RAM ball to your Cisco electronics mount. More

Lake Erie Walleyes

Lake Erie Walleyes!

iTroll's HUNT Mode:
Reinventing the throttle controller

When iTroll was introduced, it did something that no other product did - it had the ability to run automated throttle sequences to vary bait speed (and depth). This feature was called "HUNT Mode" and it literally revolutionized the angling world! Shortly after shipping the first units, customers were telling us about their TOURNAMENT VICTORIES and improvements in both the QUANTITY and QUALITY of their catches.

Most anglers know that you have to mix up your presentations by steering in "S" patterns or pumping rods. These methods are all but impossible to do all day, every day. HUNT Mode will vary the throttle with robotic precision 24/7 to create strikes. The results will amaze you!

Here's an example of what HUNT can do: A "Cut" program that changes speed twice every 70 seconds, in 8 hours of fishing, will make 822 speed changes (102.75 per hour x 8 hours)! Steady speed trolling is one dimensional, iTroll's HUNT Mode is three dimensional so you can hook the BIG ONE!

A full description of how HUNT Mode works and what it can do for you can be found here.

*Note: HUNT Mode is an extra cost software upgrade that is built into every iTroll.

Advantage iTroll:
Standard features that maximize your angling SUCCESS.

  • TroutPikeSalmonSalmon Muskie

  • iTroll's knob (a rotary device) allows you to control the AMOUNT and RATE of your throttle changes. When you grab a knob, you can operate it without looking at it. This gives you superior and intuitive boat control - especially if you are dealing with wind, waves or current.

    Have you ever operated a vehicle (Car, Truck, Plane or Boat) that DIDN'T have a rotary throttle?

    Competitor's units with up and down buttons are tedious and slow when conditions are rapidly changing. Multiple buttons pushes for up and down REQUIRES looking at the unit to visually acquire them.

  • iTroll's class leading resolution of ONE THOUSAND discrete throttle positions provides superior boat control in all situations.

  • With iTroll's superior engineering, throttle positions are REPEATABLE. For example: If you set iTroll so that the display reads "50.3%", the digital throttle actuator goes to the same position . . . EACH and EVERY TIME. This is true of every one of the 1000 throttle positions. This seems like a "no brainer" for a throttle controller, but iTroll is the only product that can pass this test.

  • iTroll's electonic components can survive rain, spray, splash or wave. They were designed to even survive brief periods of complete submersion!

  • Waterproof servo

    Water can get in an outboard if they are low mounted, used for back trolling or if you take a wave over the stern. Additionally, the back wave from abruptly coming off plane can swamp a motor. Water will ruin a non - waterproof servo.

    There are other ways that servos can get wet. An unexpected rain storm can occur when the lid is off for servicing or a dealer can steam clean or pressure wash the motor during a service. A waterproof servo is a no brainer when you consider that it is being used in a marine environment!

    Our WATERPROOF servo carries an IP67 rating (can be submerged under 1 meter of water for 30 minutes) and meets iTroll's performance and durability standards.

  • Salmon

    "We are all dying to go fishing, but we don't want to DIE when we are fishing"

    Wife and kids . . . This picture of a customer's family absolutely reinforces our decision to make safety the TOP priority in the design of the iTroll. It was not taken lightly that the device was controlling the throttle of a motor and ANY uncontrolled or unpredictable behavior could lead to serious consequences.

    Brothers and Sisters . . . Watch the video and observe how iTroll's superior software engineering protects the occupants of the boat at all times. At start up there is a safety interlock that requires human input BEFORE the throttle is engaged. The operation of iTroll's "Idle / Run" and "Max Throttle" buttons result in GENTLE / CONTROLLED acceleration of the boat. When the same buttons on our competitors' units are operated, they snap the throttle open so rapidily that the boat's occupants could lose their balance.

    You and Your Friends . . . There are many reasons why iTroll is the best throttle controller on the market. However, SAFETY is the single most important reason why you should choose iTroll.

  • Mode 1: The MAX throttle button (when pressed), gradually increases the servo to the 100% throttle setting. Releasing the button resumes the throttle setting you were trolling at.

    Mode 2: The MAX throttle button is used to gradually advance the throttle until you lock in a new throttle setting in the SCS (Secondary Cruising Speed) feature of iTroll.

  • Note: The capability to add "Remote Idle / Run Switches" is a features function of iTroll. However, the actual touch switches are an extra cost option.

    The concept of the remote idle / run switch is simple: Take the most used button on the iTroll's control head and clone it so that it can be placed anywhere in the boat. You are not limited to using a single switch, you can use multiple switches for the ultimate in efficiency and convenience!

    iTroll Remote Switch

    iTroll users tend to use the remote idle / run (I/R) switches in the following configurations:

    1. iTroll at helm, a single remote I/R switch in the transom area of the boat.
    2. Same as (1) above except there are two remote I/R switches - one mounted in each rear corner of the boat. This is a very popular configuration with downrigger users.
    3. Same as (2) above but with an additional I/R switch mounted in the front casting platform of the boat.

    If your boat's layout permits, you can mount the remote I/R switches so that they can be operated with a knee. By mounting them in this manner, you can idle your iTroll when working a fish without taking a hand off the rod and reel! Go to 1:30 mark in above video for operation with knee.

    Remote switch - mounted

    The remote Idle / Run switch is weatherproof, and is surface mounted with pre-applied double stick tape. NO drilling is required. They are hard wired into the iTroll's "Power Module". Hard wiring allows the switches to be THIN - approx 1/8 inch thick and forever free from dead or leaking batteries.

  • iTroll Idle Recall

    Note: "Last Idle Recall" is a standard function of iTroll.

    The concept of the last idle recall is pure genius: You typically press the Idle button whenever you catch a fish. iTroll stores the throttle settings from the last three times that the Idle button was pressed. You can recall these throttle settings, so iTroll keeps a "throttle diary" of your last three hookups! This is valuable information!

    The current software version in iTroll is OS6 (released 12/2019) and the last idle recall feature received a big improvement! In previous software versions, when iTroll was turned off, the last idle memory was lost.

    In OS6, the last idle settings are retained in iTroll's memory when the unit is turned off or even removed from power! This allows you to recall your "throttle diary" from the last time you used your boat . . . even if the boat has been out of the water for weeks, months or more than a year!

    How the feature works: When iTroll is in manual mode (as opposed to HUNT Mode), the last three idles screen is displayed when the Hunt button is pressed.

  • Note: "DRAG Mode" is a standard function of iTroll, but it can be turned on and off in the options menu to suit your preferences.

    DRAG Mode (when ON), changes the function of the Idle / Run button from typical two stage operation (Troll or Idle) to a three stage operation (Troll / Drag / Idle).

    "DRAG" is simply a throttle setting lower than troll and higher than idle. When trolling, DRAG Mode allows you to go to a slower throttle setting that is higher than idle so you can fight fish while maintaining the boat’s heading or to minimize the chance of baits snagging bottom. DRAG Mode is especially useful when fishing planer boards or presentations that are close to the bottom.

    If DRAG Mode is ON, the first press of the Idle / Run button takes you to the DRAG Mode screen and your throttle is dropped to "DragSpeed".

    DragSpeed can be adjusted UP or DOWN on the fly by pressing the Hunt button to increase and the Max button to decrease.

    Pressing the Idle / Run button when in DRAG Mode idles the motor.

    Another press of the Idle / Run button resumes troll.

    DRAG Mode can only be found in iTroll and is another example of the revolutionary fish catching features in the unit!

  • Note: "Secondary Cruising Speed" is a standard function of iTroll.

    The Max throttle button of iTroll has an exclusive industry first feature - Secondary Cruising Speed (SCS) that allows you to set / maintain a higher throttle setting than where the dial is set . . .WITHOUT changing your trolling speed by touching the dial! This higher throttle setting allows you to raise your baits when crossing shallow spots or to get your boat back on course after being hit by wind gusts or wakes.

    SCS really shines in the most challenging conditions - variable winds, swell or current. If your boat is moved off course, you can lock in just the right amount of throttle for the time needed to regain control of your boat in a quick, effortless manner. Watch the video to see how revolutionary SCS really is.

    Customers tell us that SCS takes the function of iTroll to another level!

  • Note: "Programmable Throttle Limits" is a standard function of iTroll's OS6.

    User programmable throttle safety limits are a new feature of iTroll's Operating System 6 that was introduced in December 2019. This allows you to "CAP" the amount of horsepower when trolling with the iTroll. This is important when iTroll is operating a single main motor, or either motor in a twin outboard set up as there is no need to deploy 100% of a large motor's output with a throttle controller.

    Incredibly, when iTroll is dual motor enabled, EACH motor has individual safety limits. In a dual motor installation where iTroll is operating a kicker and a main motor, the kicker is typically NOT throttle limited, but the main motor is. In a twin setup, both motors typically have the same limit value.

    Programmable throttle limits are just another example of iTroll's superior engineering AND the commitment to SAFETY in it's design and function.

  • iTroll can operate motors larger than the typical "kicker" (40 HP and up).

    We currently support the following fitments:
    - 2010 and newer Mercury 40 / 50 / 60 HP REMOTE CONTROL
    - 2013 and newer Mercury 75 / 90 / 115 REMOTE CONTROL
    - Many popular inboards (example: 8.1 Crusader)

    Please consult our application guide for fitment verification.

  • The Neutral Safety Interface is only for remote control motors with a "T" handle shift and throttle lever.

    Note: The ability to read the shifter's position is a standard function of iTroll. However, the purchase of a Neutral Safety Interface is required at extra cost.

    When the Neutral Safety Interface is installed, iTroll has the ability to read the position of the motor's shifter (in gear or in neutral). This allows iTroll to automatically IDLE the motor when the motor is in NEUTRAL. This safeguards the gearbox of the motor because it can never be shifted into gear against an elevated throttle.

    When an iTroll is operating a small output kicker motor (30 HP or less), the Neutral Safety Interface is an optional add on.

    When an iTroll is operating a motor with higher output (more than 30 HP), the Neutral Safety Interface is INCLUDED in the throttle actuator kit and MUST be installed!

  • Since being introduced in 2013, iTroll has earned the reputation as the most reliable product in it's class.

    Read just about any fishing forum, and you will often see iTroll described as "BULLETPROOF".

    There's a reason that over 250 boat dealers insist on iTroll . . . They HATE comebacks!

  • Every component of iTroll is backed by a TWO year warranty.

    This warranty also covers the waterproof servo motor.

  • We are the designer and manufacturer of iTroll.

    In Business since 1993.

    Our manufacturing facility is in Corona, CA.

    All of our employees are tax paying US citizens.

    All of our operations are fully insured AND we carry product liability insurance for iTroll.

iTroll: Over the Top
Software Upgrades / Other Options

  • When iTroll was introduced, it did something that no other product did - it had the ability to run automated throttle sequences to vary bait speed (and depth). This feature was called "HUNT Mode" and it literally shook up the angling world! Shortly after shipping the first units, customers were telling us about their TOURNAMENT VICTORIES and improvements in both the QUANTITY and QUALITY of their catches.

    Here's an example of what HUNT can do: A "Cut" program that changes speed twice every 70 seconds, in 8 hours of fishing, will make 822 speed changes (102.75 per hour x 8 hours)!Steady speed trolling is one dimensional, iTroll's HUNT Mode is three dimensional so you can hook the BIG ONE!

    A full description of how HUNT Mode works and what it can do for you can be found here.

    *Note: HUNT Mode is an extra cost software upgrade that is built into every iTroll.

  • Note: RAM components shown in pictures below are NOT INCLUDED with iTroll mounts and are available for purchase separately.

    This is because RAM makes multiple base styles AND arm lengths. We cannot predict which combination of base and arm would work on a particular boat.

    RAM parts that we stock are shown at bottom of page.

    A stock iTroll control head has a plastic back plate and is normally mounted to a hard, flat surface using supplied velcro or similar types of mating tapes. Additionally, many customers use four arm "X" style phone holders made by RAM or other manufacturers to hold their iTrolls.

    iTroll w/o Mount iTroll w/o Mount

    iTroll's Custom Mount
    Allows you multiple options to mount the control head

    Note: Mounts are optional, extra cost accessories.

    The iTroll custom mount consists of a ball mount assembly and a back plate that is substituted for the plastic unit on a standard iTroll. This mount's ability to quick release does NOT require loosening of the RAM mount. This allows the RAM mount to stay locked into position so you will never have to reset it's angles!

    Mounts are available in a choice of materials:
    1. The original Anodized Billet Aluminum version ($105.00).
    2. A more affordable version made of Marine Grade Polymer ($70.00).
    (Note: Polymer material will NOT fade, crack, or peel.)

    iTroll Billet Mount iTroll P Mount

    Billet aluminum version (left).All the billet pieces are anodized in a striking marine blue color.
    The "BLING" factor of this mount is incredible and is sure to wow anyone who sees it!

    Polymer version is black (right).
    Note that the back surface is textured for grip if you ever hold your iTroll while fishing.

    iTroll Billet Mount iTroll P Mount

    The ball assembly slides into the dovetail on the back plate and you lock the two together with the white thumb screw.

    iTroll with custom mount back plates installed.

    "B Mount" = Billet Anodized Aluminum
    "P Mount" = Marine Grade Polymer

    iTroll Billet Mount iTroll Billet Mount

    iTroll P Mount iTroll P Mount

    Billet mount option #1: Surface mounting
    Note: Polymer version does NOT have threaded holes for surface mounting.

    Billet Mount Billet Surface Mount

    The billet back plate has two threaded holes to allow you to surface mount iTroll to a flat surface. Thread is 10-32 x 1/4 inch deep. We recommend using thumb bolts and backing washers when surface mounting so your iTroll can be removed without tools.

    Custom mount option #2:
    Helm mounting with one inch (B size) RAM components

    Note: RAM components available for purchase at additional cost.

    Front view of iTroll mounted directly under graph / fish finder:

    Cisco Mount iTroll mount

    Notes on this install:
    1. The fish finder is mounted on a Cisco mount.
    2. The RAM base is mounted to our stainless steel Cisco plate that is sandwiched between the Cisco mount and it's base plate. The Cisco plate is available for purchase when you configure your iTroll system.

    Custom mount option #3:
    Track / rail mounting with one inch (B size) RAM components

    Note: RAM components available for purchase at additional cost.

    Many boats have a track system integrated into the gunnels.
    Mount a RAM base onto a plate that engages the track to rail mount your iTroll:

    P Mount on Rail P Mount on rail

    RAM pieces we stock:

    Why are RAM pieces sold separately from the iTroll mount?

    Answer: RAM makes many different base and arm types and sizes. Every boat is different, so it would be impossible for us to supply the correct arm and base for each installation. We stock the four most popular part numbers so you can custom configure the installation for your boat.

    Ball with diamond base used in
    Helm station / Under fish finder mounting:

    Ram Diamond Base

    Medium length arm used in
    Helm station / Under fish finder mounting:

    RAM Medium Arm

    Ball with round base used in
    Track / rail mounting:

    RAM Round Base

    Short length arm used in
    Track / rail mounting:

    RAM Short Arm

  • iTroll Remote Switch

    This plate to allows you to mount a RAM ball to your Cisco Electronics Mount. More

    This plate is stainless steel and requires NO drilling or modifications to the Cisco mount. Please note that this is a only a stainless plate and the Cisco and RAM components shown in photos are NOT included.

  • The neutral safety interface sends the signals to the iTroll so it can read the position of a "T" handle shifter: "In gear" or in "Neutral". When the shifter is is neutral, iTroll will always idle the engine. This protects the motor's gearbox because it can never be put into gear when the throttle is elevated.

  • iTroll can operate motors larger than the typical "kicker" (40 HP and up) AND it can even operate TWO motors on the same boat (kicker + main) or (main + main).

    In DUAL motor configuration, iTroll's user can select to run the left or right motor. Possible motor configurations are: A kicker and a main, or both motors of a boat with "Twins".

    *Note: Dual Motor is an extra cost software upgrade that is built into every iTroll.

iTroll F.A.Q.
Frequently Asked Questions

  • The iTroll experience is the complete package:

    1. Unmatched Standard Features:
    iTroll is packed with standard features that makes boat control EASY, no matter what the conditions are. Our competitor's units are "bare bones" when you compare their features to iTroll.

    2. Unmatched Optional Features: You can customize iTroll for your specific requirements.

    3. PROVEN reliability: We have over 250 boat dealers who insist on iTroll. One of the main reasons is reliability. EVERYONE hates comebacks.

    4. Customer service: Our customer service is well documented on many fishing forums. We ANSWER our phone calls . . . we do not have an automated answering system or request that you contact us by "Text Only".

  • 1. iTroll's dial (a rotary device) allows you to control the AMOUNT and RATE of your throttle changes. This gives you effortless and intuitive boat control - especially if you are dealing with wind, waves or current.

    2. Dials are effortless to use in low light or even complete darkness. Try THAT with pushbuttons.

    3. Have you ever operated a vehicle (Car, Truck, Plane or Boat) that DIDN'T have a rotary throttle?

    4. Pushbuttons might work when conditions are flat . . . But when wind, waves or current ramp up, pushbuttons are too slow. What happens when you need to avoid an obstacle or another boat? Even though pushbutton units might have a "jog" mode, they are controlling the RATE of throttle change and not YOU. In regards to a motor's throttle, being a "Control Freak" is a GOOD thing!

    5. Imagine driving your car or truck with UP and DOWN throttle buttons instead of a gas pedal!

  • Wireless has TOO MANY compromises:

    1. Remotes:
    They can be misplaced, lost, or damaged. Many people say that having them dangling from their neck is a pain, especially when getting something out of a storage locker of trying to net a fish when leaning over the gunnel.

    2. Battery Issues: ALL batteries go dead. At that point, you will NOT have control over your throttle and steering (if you have a steering unit). This is an unacceptable situation. One competitor's wireless unit EATS batteries, and when it does, puts you in situations without motor control. Batteries leak and if they do, they can destroy the remote.

    3. Battery Changing Issues: When you change the batteries in a remote, you are directly exposing it's internal circuits to humidity or moisture. Failure and expensive replacement is inevitable. Try changing batteries when everything in the boat is WET - you just brought water into the unit - and there is no such thing as a battery with stainless steel contacts, so corrosion starts right NOW!

    4. RELIABILITY and INTERFERENCE issues: Wireless devices are subject to interference that can cause operational issues. There are numerous posts on forums where wireless units suddenly go to full throttle on their own. There are other forum posts describing on how wireless units turn themselves on and then go to full throttle!

    ALL electronic throttles on boat motors, vehicles and airplanes are "DRIVE (or FLY) by WIRE". Just like iTroll, these systems send their throttle positional signals through WIRES.

    Why do ALL marine engine manufacturers, ALL vehicle manufacturers and ALL aircraft manufacturers avoid wireless throttle systems? Wireless is NOT dependable enough!

  • Electric trolling motors have a fraction of the power of an outboard motor. Approximate HP outputs of electric trolling motors are:

    55 lbs of thrust: 0.75 Horsepower,
    80 lbs of thrust: 1.05 Horsepower,
    112 lbs of thrust: 1.5 Horsepower.

    These motors cannot propel a boat very rapidly. Additionally, the power output of these motors drops continually over time due to battery draw. The manufacturers of trolling motors must feel that possible operational issues are acceptable because boats speeds are low and rapid boat acceleration is not possible with these electric motors.

  • Absolutely NOT! We have to use a top quality servo in order to take advatage of iTroll's incredible throttle resolution. Additionally, our servo is WATERPROOF which further increases the cost. By a LARGE margin, we use the most expensive servo in the industry.

    Amazing fact: Our servo (on the open market) sells for approximately EIGHT TIMES the cost of the "TOWER PRO" brand that many of our competitors use.

  • iTroll's components are not only weather proof, but can endure complete submersion for brief periods of time. This is overkill - if your iTroll is submerged, your boat has sunk. However, it's nice to know that iTroll can survive anything Mother Nature dishes out!!

  • The operation of the factory throttle is unchanged after the installation of iTroll.

    Important fact: When iTroll is operating, you CAN use the factory throttle to go FASTER than the speed that iTroll is maintaining. This is important for SAFETY. Anyone who is familiar with a boat can use the factory throttle to speed up for whatever reason (like avoiding a collision).

  • YES. You can use the motor when iTroll is off. Additionally, the motor will operate in exactly the same manner as before iTroll was installed.

  • iTroll Control Head

    Note: All dimensions are in inches.

    The base of the iTroll measures 4.5 x 3.25 inches.

    If placed on a table, the top of the dial WITH billet mount is 2.5 inches above the table.

    The dial measurement is 1/8 shorter if the iTroll has the standard plastic back.

  • No. iTroll allows you to set the throttle to where you want it. All good fishermen know that static trolling is ineffective. A unit that locks onto a GPS speed would only catch a fraction of the fish that an iTroll in HUNT Mode would.

    Additionally, a unit that uses GPS can be unsafe and ineffective. If you make the speed sampling rate slow, it would minimize dangerous surging, but in changing conditions, you would never reach or lock onto your target speed. If the speed sampling was rapid, in difficult conditions, there could be dangerous surging. For example if you climbed a wave and the throttle was aggressively applied, sudden unexpected acceleration would happen upon cresting the wave.

    FYI: In conditions are difficult, we recommend that you use iTroll in manual mode only.

  • When a neutral safety interface is installed, iTroll reads the position of the shifter (neutral or in gear). It does this so that if the shifter is moved from in gear to neutral while trolling, iTroll will put the throttle at idle. This insures that the motor will be at idle when the shifter is put into gear.

  • HUNT Mode is built into every iTroll and is unlocked with a code. It is optional for the following reasons:

    1. We allow our customers to buy only the parts of iTroll that they need.
    2. You can't "time" a river, it's too unpredictable. River fishermen are not able to use HUNT Mode.
    3. For those on a budget, it allows them to get a "entry level" unit.
    4. If funds allow, those that bought "entry level" units can unlock HUNT Mode instead of "buying a unit that has it".

  • iTroll's steering buttons are used to trigger electric steering racks made by other manufacturers. A suggested unit is the "Tailfin" by "Powrtran". Please see video below for a demonstration:

  • iTroll is made in USA with 100% DOCUMENTED AMERICAN LABOR. When we purchase components, we make every attempt to feed American companies. Even "commodity" parts like our enclosures and circuit boards are made in USA (even though we could save a lot of money by making them overseas). However, there are many electronic parts* that are manufactured in other countries with no domestic alternatives. Unfortunately, we have to use those parts.

    In this day and age, it is impossible to make an electronic device of any scope with 100% domestic content.

    *Resistors, capacitors, chips, etc.

  • Our main F.A.Q. page can be found here.