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June 2019 Update:
iTroll G2 vs Trollmaster Wireless


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Have a 40 - 60 HP or 90 -115 HP Mercury Motor
and are located near Corona, California?
We would like to look at these motors to develop iTroll fitments.

If you let us use your boat for to develop a fitment,
you will get a free iTroll when the application is released!

Call (909) 971-0000 to arrange.

Download HUNT Mode tutorial. Pages 4 & 5 also describe how HUNT Mode works!

Buy your iTroll


iTroll G2 (Generation 2) Pricing - All Prices in US Dollars
iTroll G2 in base (no software upgrades) configuration:

All Models except for Suzuki EFI 9.9 / 15/ 20 HP Tiller: $355.00
Suzuki EFI 9.9 / 15 / 20 HP Tiller: $400.00 - Price higher than above due to custom machined parts
Above prices includes ONE fit kit to mount servo motor to power head of boat motor.
Accessories / upgrades available at additional cost.

Shipping Rates for iTroll complete systems:
Note: A "complete" iTroll system consists of an electronics package (Step 1 below) and a fit kit (Step 2 below).

USA orders: FREE
Canada Orders: $15.00

NOTICE: At the present time, iTroll products can only be ordered online if shipped to USA or Canada.
Please email for international ordering information.

Build Your iTroll
If purchasing multiple iTroll systems for more than one boat, it is easiest to build one system at a time.

At a minimum, an "iTroll System" consists of:
  - ONE Electronics Package (Step 1 below).
  - ONE "Fit Kit" that contains servo motor and hardware to allow iTroll to operate motor's throttle (Step 2 below).
  - Optional Software Upgrade and accessories.

Step 1 - Select and Configure Electronics Package:
One electronics package is required per boat.
The electronics package contains one Control Head and one Power Module. See Electronics Installation Instructions.
Example one boat = Buy ONE electronics package, two boats = Buy TWO electronics packages and so on.


Step 1A - Add HUNT Mode Software Upgrade:
Purchase unlock code for HUNT mode Software Upgrade. Find out why HUNT mode is a must have game changer!
Note: Purchasing this item will enable HUNT Mode on ONE iTroll.
If purchasing multiple iTrolls, you must buy this upgrade for each one that you want to be HUNT enabled.

Qty: Add $100.00

Step 2 - Select Fit Kit(s):
Select ONE fit kit per iTroll System

Fit Kit contains our standard (non waterproof) servo motor and hardware to allow it to operate motor's throttle.
Please use APPLICATION GUIDE to verify fit kit BEFORE ordering.

C1 Fit Kit     Qty: Available Jan 2019

E1 Fit Kit     Qty:

H Fit Kit     Qty:

H1 Fit Kit     Qty:

M1 Fit Kit     Qty:

M2 Fit Kit     Qty:

M3 Fit Kit     Qty:

M4 Fit Kit     Qty:

S1 Fit Kit     Qty:

S2R Fit Kit    Qty: (Suzuki 9.9 / 15 / 20 EFI

S2T Fit Kit    Qty: (Suzuki 9.9 / 15 / 20 EFI

T1 Fit Kit     Qty:

Y Fit Kit       Qty:

Y1 Fit Kit     Qty:

Y2R Fit Kit   Qty:

Y3 Fit Kit     Qty:

Step 2A -
NEW ITEM! Purchase OPTIONAL WaterProof servo UPGRADE (For info, click HERE):
Requires the purchase of a FIT KIT in Step 2.
Choosing this option removes the standard servo from a fit kit and replaces it with the waterproof version.

If you wish to purchase a spare waterproof servo, they are available for purchase in Step 3 below.
Qty: Add $25.50

Step 3 - Purchase Optional Accessories:

Remote Mounted Idle / Run Switch (Part# IT.Remote.Switch) - Compatible only with iTroll G2 electronics.
Weather proof touch pads that work exactly like the Idle / Run button on iTroll's control head. See document:
Qty: Add $30.00

Neutral Safety Interface (Part# IT.NSI)
For remote shift & throttle motors ONLY! This interface allows iTroll to read the position of the shifter so it can automatically idle the motor when the shifter is placed in neutral.
Qty: Add $30.00

Custom Billet Mount (Part# IT.Billet)
Allows perfect integration with one inch ball RAM mounts. This mount is visually striking and adds incredible "Bling" to your dashboard!
When purchased at the same time as your iTroll, free installation is included.
Qty: Add $105.00

Standard Servo: We offer these in case you want to keep a spare in your truck or boat.
There are two OEM servos used with iTroll (depending on supply from HiTec USA):
1. HiTec HS-5645MG (Part# HS-5645MG)
2. HiTec HS-5685MH (Part# HS-5685MH)
We will ship you whatever servo we have in stock.
Qty: Add $48.00

HiTec WATERPROOF Servo: Servo with plastic servo arm.
Note 1: Included servo arm for waterproof servo has 25 splines vs. 24 splines on our standard servo. They are NOT interchangeable.
Note 2: Waterproof servo has plastic servo arm. No metal arm is available from manufacturer.

Qty: Add $77.50

Step 4 - Purchase your iTroll system:

General inquiries: sales@headlightplugs.com

iTroll inquiries: iTroll4Fishing@iTroll.us

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