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December 2018 Updates:
Waterproof servos now available - click HERE
Coleman 5HP 4 Stroke fitment available soon

***** NEW! - iTroll Video Library *****

Download HUNT Mode tutorial. Pages 4 & 5 also describe how HUNT Mode works!

Designed by a Fisherman FOR Fishermen.
Where is iTroll Made?

  iTroll G2 Exclusive Features!
  - DRAG Mode
  - Remote Idle / Run switch capability
  - Enhanced HUNT Mode:
       Eight HUNT programs in memory
       On screen prompts helps you master HUNT Mode in record time!
  - Download full details:

Note: This mount is an optional accessory.
RAM mount arm and base (
Black items in last 3 photos) NOT included with iTroll billet kit -
This allows you to choose the arm length and base type for your needs.

Introducing the perfect mounting system for iTroll.
Allows seamless integration with one inch ball RAM components

iTroll custom billet mount

This mount was specifically designed for iTroll. It replaces the stock plastic back plate of iTroll with a CNC machined billet aluminum plate that accepts a quick release ball mount. This mount's ability to quick release does NOT require loosening of the RAM mount. This allows the RAM mount to stay locked into position so you will never have to reset it's angles!

All the billet pieces of this mount are anodized in a striking marine blue color. The "BLING" factor of this mount is incredible and is sure to wow anyone who sees it!

Billet kit is made in USA.

iTroll Billet Mount parts

Unassembled mount components including stainless steel cap screw and nylon thumb screw.

iTroll billet mount with assembl;ed dovetail assembly

Assembled ball mount assembly and dovetail in rear of replacement back plate

iTroll custom mount dovetail assembly on RAM mount

Perfect integration with one inch RAM mount components.
Note: RAM mount pieces NOT included with iTroll billet kit. Part numbers of RAM pieces shown:
Arm - RAP-B-201U-A
Mounting Base - RAM-B-202U

iTroll Custom Billet Mount

Assembled mount - Front view

iTroll Custom Billet Mount - Side View

Assembled mount - side view. Note thumb screw to lock ball assembly into dovetail.
Note that ball mount assembly can flipped in dovetail for easiest thumb screw access.

Note: Adding this mount to iTroll adds enough weight to make the unit sink if dropped in water. This is usually not an issue because this mount locks iTroll to the boat, so how can it get dropped overboard? Additionally, iTroll's data cable also tethers it to the boat.

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