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Download HUNT Mode tutorial. Pages 4 & 5 also describe how HUNT Mode works!

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January 2015: Introducing iTroll G2 (Generation 2)!
- Introducing DRAG Mode
- New remote Idle / Run switch capability
- Enhanced HUNT Mode:
     Eight HUNT programs in memory (up from six)
     On screen prompts helps you master HUNT Mode in record time!
- Download full details:

This is a complete history of the evolution of iTroll operating systems (OS)

iTroll with OS1 available for sale. OS1 featured one HUNT program in memory

OS4.1 update - Released 10/1/2013
Here are the changes made from OS1.0 to OS4.1:

Base configured units:

- Off Shortcut: To turn iTroll off, one must HOLD the off button down for 3 seconds. OS4.1 has a shortcut that if the MAX button is pressed while holding down the off button, iTroll shuts off immediately. See section 1.2 of iTroll Owner's manual.

- Coding changes that are invisible to user, but will allow more functions in the future.

HUNT mode enabled units:
Note: HUNT mode is a extra cost software upgrade.

- Direct to HUNT mode from off: Press and HOLD the Hunt button, then press ON. Allows you to bypass all start up screens so you can start fishing quicker! See section 1.1 of Owner's manual.

- OS4.1 stores FOUR unique HUNT programs for each motor (iTroll has dual motor capabilities). The GUI (Graphical User Interface) was totally redesigned to allow displaying of the memory address of the HUNT program that is selected / running.

- Rapid parameter programming: In OS1.0, when you entered the menus to change HUNT parameters (MinSpeed then MaxSpeed then StepSize then StepTime), you had to re-program every parameter, even if you wanted to keep it the same.

With OS4.1, if you want to keep a parameter unchanged (like MinSpeed), you can SKIP to the next programming menu by pressing the Off button. Unbelievably handy!

OS4.2 update - Released 2/1/2014
Here are the changes made from OS4.1 to OS4.2:

HUNT mode enabled units:
Note: HUNT mode is a extra cost software upgrade.

- OS4.2's internal memory stores TWO more HUNT programs in addition to the FOUR that OS4.1 had (That's a TOTAL of SIX!). These new HUNT programs were specifically designed to trigger strikes by allowing you to troll in a manner that imitates an injured or fleeing bait fish! The GUI (Graphical User Interface) was enhanced to allow displaying of the parameters of the two new HUNT programs. For complete details on the new HUNT mode programs (memory addresses "E" and "F") in OS4.2, click here.

OS4.2.1 update - Released 2/7/2014
Here are the changes made from OS4.2 to OS4.2.1-3:

"SCS" (Secondary Cruising Speed) feature:

iTroll’s Max throttle button has a industry first feature, “SCS” - Secondary Cruising Speed that allows you to set and maintain a higher throttle setting than the dial is set to when in manual mode (turn dial to change speed) or than the active throttle setting in a HUNT program.
To use SCS: When increasing throttle with the Max throttle button, you can stop the throttle from advancing and LOCK in that particular throttle setting by pressing the idle / run button. iTroll will HOLD that throttle setting until you release it by pressing the idle / run button again. See sections 2.9 and 3.7 of Owner's manual.

Jan 2015: iTroll Generation 2 (G2) available for sale featuring OS5.0

Download iTroll G2 intro document:

OS5.0 incorporates all of the features of the last edition of OS4.2.3 with the following enhancements:

DRAG Mode - Industry first feature!
Anglers who fish multiple lines while using downriggers, lead core line or planer boards often hesitated to use the idle buttons on throttle controllers. They would dial in a lower throttle setting when a fish was hooked. The reason why is that these trolling methods often snagged the bottom or tangled when the kicker was brought to full idle with the idle button.

DRAG mode reinvents the function of the idle / run button. If drag mode is on (it can be turned on & off), the first press of the idle / run button goes to a lower throttle setting that is higher than idle. This allows you to “drag” your downrigged baits, lead core or planer boards to minimize snagging or tangling. Please note that the DRAG speed is adjustable “on the fly” so you can change it to match your specific angling requirements. The second press of the idle / run button brings iTroll to full idle, and the third press sends iTroll back to trolling speed. Drag mode works in both manual (dial turning) and HUNT modes.

DRAG mode is ideal for evaluating the quality of a hooked fish so you can determine if it is big enough to require pulling the other lines out of the water. Once you use DRAG mode, you will wonder how you ever fished without it.

Remote idle / run switch capability - Standard feature - Industry first feature!
Note: The switches themselves are an extra cost accessory.
You can now place weatherproof touch switches that function exactly like the idle/run button on iTroll’s control head anywhere in the boat. Incredibly, they work with DRAG mode too! They are typically mounted at the bow or stern of boat. One of our testers mounted a switch on the side of his gunnel so he could press it with his hip which allowed him to keep both hands on his gear when fighting a fish! There is NO limit to the number of switches that an iTroll can recognize so you can put switches in multiple locations. The switches are surface mounted (no drilling) and measure 1 1/8 x 7/8 inches.

Additions to HUNT Mode*:
1. G2 units now have eight hunt programs in memory (up from six in G1 units)! There are four “original” and two each of “cut” and “bump” programs.

2. There are now on-screen prompts to help the user master HUNT mode in the shortest time possible.

* HUNT mode is a extra cost software upgrade that is in every iTroll.

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